Svalbard's leading plumbing company


We are a well established company that has been in this business since 1994.  The goal has always been to be as versatile and flexible as possible.

Spitsbergen VVS AS have experienced a major growth in recent years.  Today, we have 25 employees working in Longyearbyen, Svea and Ny-Ålesund, and uses both the Coast Guard, small aircraft and helicopters at work.  We also have occasional assignments on Bjørnøya and Hopen. We work with traditional plumbing work as district heating system, waste water plant, industry and single-family homes/townhouse.

Through a long-term contract with Longyearbyen Goverment we have the responsibility for operation and maintanance of public pipework in Longyearbyen.  This includes the dam for drinking water, water treatment plants, height pools, pressure boosting stations, sewage pumping station and discarge lines.  Longyearbyen is entirely heated by waste water from coal-fired power station, and all operation and maintenance of district heating network with the exchanges until the subscription is our responsibility.





We are part of the NVS group.

NVS is currently one of the leading pipeline contractors and activities include services related to heating and sanitation, industry,sprinklers, service and maintenance.  NVS in Norway has 15 branch offices in addition to Svalbard office.  NVS employs approximately 480 people.